8229 Csopak, Örkény István sétány 1-2.

News in 2019

In our main building in the 2018 season, three premium category fully renovated quadruple family rooms were transferred. The rooms are covered with parquet, equipped with black out curtains, individually furnished, and a new family room is planned to complete in this category by the start of the new season.

We renovated the kitchen of our hotel, the kitchen floor was covered with synthetic resin, beside the existing modern equipment we set up a professional dishwasher in our white sink.

By the beginning of the 2019 season, the staircase of our main building will be renewed and we plan to complete the renovation of the lobby so we welcome our guests in a significantly larger modern space.
On the ground floor of our premium wing, we deliver our newly completed room called “Vintage Garden”.
Based on the feedback from our guests, the air-conditioning fee is included in the main building prices of the 2019 season, and the breakfast period extended.

We have renovated several service rooms, rooms for our housekeepers, and we have created extra staff accommodations in the hotel building.